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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to attend?

0$ 0 Qar 0 GBP 0 NZD 0 AUS Edcamp is free to all who wish to attend.

Who Can Attend? Is Edcamp right for me?

Anyone with an interest in education. Edcamp is geared towards educators but is open to all that have a genuine interest in education such as: teachers, teacher assitants, administrators, or students of teaching and learning.

How does Edcamp work? What happens on the day of Edcamp?

Magic...magic happens, but other than that the day will begin with a meet and greet. Participants will create topic boards for what they would like to have discussion sessions on. Then, have some coffee and tea time along with some fun introductions. Next, the organizers will run around and get the groups going and assign discussion topics to different locations. You will have a nametag you can use a QR code to find updated session topics and use the Rule of Two Feet to get you moving around. We'll have some lunch and then another session. At the end we will meet up as a whole group one more time to have some type of demo slam and be on your merry way.

What should I bring?

Everyone learns in a different way so if you have a laptop bring one, if you prefer the written word you can bring your favorite notebook and favorite pen (everyone has a favorite pen :) As we are trying to be a Sustainable venue please bring: A smile Reusable water bottle Lanyard from a previous PD session (if you don't have any, we will have some on hand)

Do I have to present?

No, you do not have to present, but that being said, you are here to be a participant and engage in meaningful dialogue with your peers. Learning and sharing are the goals of the day and anyone with a good idea or anyone with questions about something they wish to know more about are encouraged to speak up.

Is there a certificate at the end?

We all know educators love a certificate and you will be given one upon completion of the please don't leave us after lunch.

Where will the Edcamp be held?

The English Modern School of Doha will be the host venue. 22 February Street, Al Messila, Doha